How is your pay per click ad campaign going thus far? Is there something that could be done better? The answer to these questions is closer than you think, and Mybestclick is up to the task of providing you with the pay per click (PPC) analysis that can take your campaign to the next level.

Business Planning

A business plan is essential for any new business to be successful. If you have a passion for business and planning this rewarding and lucrative industry could be your next work at home business.

Target Marketing

Adjusting pay-per-click campaigns to reflect optimal target markets is another way to facilitate online marketing success.

Contextual Ads

Reach relevant customers by bidding on keywords that are related to your business & only pay when your ad is clicked.

XML Partners

The XML Partner program at Mybestclick includes the most advantageous offering available for those interspersing our paid listings with that of other providers.

Advertisers Overview

Targeted pay per click advertising

You have something to offer, but you are cofused of the "Internet advertising jungle"? We have the solution! Channels and Keywords is the effective way to maximize effectivity of your advertisements.

Pay only for the clicks you have receive

PPC model is widely used in Mybestclick to help you paying for the click you receive. You select how much you are willing to pay for every click. More

Publishers Overview

Make money from clicks and conversions

Pay-per-click engine with the best visibility has the potential of giving you a higher return on your investment. Every visitor that clicks on an advertisement is getting paid by you, and as a result you can additional revenue if the click turns into conversion.

And our goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your ad space, by letting advertisers bid on your advertisement space.More

An Overview is an online advertising network using pay per click model (Keyword targeted marketing). We have a network of thousands of high quality websites relying on our PPC model. Our PPC advertising is an easy way to manage online marketing solution because advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked.

Increase Your Revenue

Increase your ROI by investing with the right company who knows how to give the best to your website visitors. There is no better way to monetize your web content than having the services that we offer and we highly guarantee the fastest ROI your website can get.

  • Pay Per Click text advertisement
  • Effective CPC Text Ad Banners
  • In Text Ads that only links the right keyword of your web page
  • In Text Ads with your preferred thumbnail to attract the eyes of the customer easily.
  • XML Feed Partnership - take advantage of our broad connection to only the best search engines online.

How You Benefit:

  • Being part of premium ad network
  • Highest Click through rate for CPC Banners
  • Referral Program We will give you a portion of the revenue if you are able to recruitan affiliate.

The commission from this program will depend on the number of affiliates and usage pattern.

We take pride of our thousands of affiliates across the country. We have earned their trust and support because we only make sure to deliver just the ones that are stated in our agreement. We can never promise anything, but we can "DO" everything for you, so you can just sit and enjoy while we do the work for you. Just like the thousands of affiliates, we want you to experience the same kind of experience that they get every year by getting more revenue from their online presence.

Why Us ?

  • Extensive network
  • Ad management solution
  • Effective targeted audience
  • 100% control and transparency
  • Advanced click fraud technology
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